“Go to your Good”

My Good Angel

I was in my room.
I didn’t know what to choose.
To follow my friends, or do the right thing.
I felt a tap.
It was my good angel.
She told me to choose from my heart
And to find the good in me.
From that advice I chose #2.
I did the right thing,
I found the good in me.
Find the good in you!!

-Ashley Taylor, Age 8



No matter what belief system you hold dear, there’s one simple truth that transcends them all: Children are born into this world as innocents, with a goodness that comes from within.

My Good Angel serves to remind your child of the goodness she was born with and the good that is all around each one of us.

She stands quietly and gracefully as a symbol of that unseen, positive force in each of our lives that helps guide us and keep us on the path of goodness during our formative years and beyond.

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